Why Local?

Why does Exhibeo use a local router to share documents?
Why not store documents in "the cloud" and download them whenever you need them?

Exhibeo uses a local sharing system because local sharing is Faster, Safer and Less Expensive than any other electronic document sharing system.


Fast Transfer Speeds

Sharing documents over a local network can be 10 times faster than sharing over a 4G connection.


Larger File Sizes

Faster, local sharing means you don't have to worry about data limits in your data plan. Larger files transfer quickly, so there is no down time.


Increased Security

You control the chain of custody of your documents. You load the documents you want onto your Exhibeo drive. Nothing is held in the "cloud."


No Document Fees

No charges, no fees for sharing or storing documents. You can bring just exhibits or your entire case on the Exhibeo drive. Share as many or as few as you want.


No Signal Loss

Signal strength is always strong. You can create a local network anywhere. No dead spots in the middle of a conference room that slow or stop document sharing.


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