Exhibeo for Law Firms

How Exhibeo saves your clients time and money

Exhibeo is better than paper

Preparing paper documents is time-intensive.

If you're preparing for an all-day deposition with multiple parties, the expenses involved in preparing for this one deposition could exceed the cost associated with purchasing your own Exhibeo System.

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The Old

Paper Intensive

The New

Exhibeo System


Find the Docs

Costs: time to locate documents on your server

Print the docs

Costs: Time to print the documents; Cost of printing

Print copies

Time to print the extra copies; Cost of printing multiple sets

Collate copies

Time to collate the copies.

Folders Binders

Time to prepare tabs; Cost of binders/folders


Time to box the documents; costs of boxes


Cost to ship boxes / documents to remote locations

Return shipping

Cost to ship documents back to home office.

Find the Documents

Costs: time to locate documents on your server

Copy the documents to your Exhibeo USB

Costs: time to copy files to your Exhibeo Drive

Bring the Exhibeo System

Costs: after initial purchase: none

Exhibeo vs Cloud

Cloud systems include fees when you use the documents you have stored on their servers.

Exhibeo has no document fees. Bring as many documents as you want to your deposition.