Exhibeo for Court Reporting Firms

How the Exhibeo System works for Court Reporting Firms

Better Technology

Exhibeo allows an independent Court Reporting Firm to provide better technology than national firms.

Demonstrate Ability

Use the Exhibeo System's paperless technology to demonstrate your firm's technological ability to your clients.

Save Time and Money

The Exhibeo System lets your Firm get in front of clients to demonstrate how to save them both time and money.

Enhance Capabilities

Even if your clients purchase Exhibeo for themselves, they will still want to call your Firm to use Court Reporters experienced with Exhibeo

Exhibeo: A clean, paperless system


The perfect on-the-go solution!


Exhibeo: High Tech for Low Cost

Exhibeo provides Court Reporting Firms with the means to demonstrate that they are technological leaders to their clients and potential clients.

Exhibeo provides Court Reporting Firms a way to save their clients time and money


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Exhibeo and Court Reporters

The Exhibeo System costs less than any other paperless system.

You provide your clients an Exhibeo Storage Drive configured to work with your Exhibeo System. They put their documents on that drive.

At the deposition, your Court Reporter sets up the System in minutes.

Your Clients plug the Drive into the System and they share documents over the iPads that either they bring or you provide.

After the deposition, only the Reporter can save the original Marked Exhibits


Get ahead with the Exhibeo System