Frequently Asked Questions


What is the fee to share per document at an Exhibeo deposition?




How many documents can I share at an Exhibeo deposition?




Can I use my own router or thumb drive with Exhibeo?


To share documents through Exhibeo, you need an Exhibeo Router and an Exhibeo Drive

Both the Exhibeo Router and Exhibeo Drive have been pre-configured to provide a secure document sharing environment and can be obtained through this site.


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If I'm the Leader, can I have marked up documents no one else can see?



We recommend you have two versions of each document you plan to use.
A work version with your highlighting and notes and a clean version to share with counsel and the witness.


How are marked exhibits saved?


When a document is marked, it is automatically sent to all participants at a deposition.

At the end of a deposition, the Court Reporter retains possession of the clean marked documents and will distribute them with the transcript.


Who can mark exhibits?


The Court Reporter has unique annotation abilities and can apply electronic stickers to shared documents.


Can Guests edit exhibits?



Guests can make their own highlights and annotations to documents. They can save those annotated documents and then email or save a copy at the end of the deposition.