• paperless sharing :: no clouds Exhibeo lets you share documents during depositions or presentations without an Internet connection

  • Local Sharing Secure :: Fast :: Easy


Unlimited documents in a secure environment

No Clouds

Exhibeo lets you share your documents at your deposition, hearing, arbitration or meeting without pulling documents from a cloud service. No Internet connection is needed.

Legal Ready

Designed for the legal market, Exhibeo shares and marks documents at depositions, arbitrations or mediations.


Exhibeo takes away the need for paper altogether.
Exhibeo eliminates the need to retrieve, copy and ship paper documents.


Exhibeo is fast. Since everything is shared locally, you don't have to wait for large files to download from some cloud. Share a 10 Mb file in 10 seconds.
  • Eliminate Costs No copying costs :: No shipping costs :: No download costs :: No cloud storage costs

How Exhibeo™ Works

Exhibeo™ is easy to set up and use.


Copy your files to the Exhibeo Drive


Attach your Exhibeo Drive to your Exhibeo Router


Open the Exhibeo App and Share